What To Expect During A Full Motorcycle Training Course


If you are thinking about signing up for Full motorcyle training, there are a few things that you should keep in mind first. You want to consider how long the courses are going to take. You also want to think about what the modules are are comprised of and the amount of money you will need to set aside for your bike license. Most fast track courses will charge up to £800, and they allow no flexibility with the payments. Fortunately, Motoden works a bit differently. We allow our clients to take their motorcycle training courses on a pay-as-you-go basis, which will allow you to take the courses without using all of the money in your savings. 

Our motorcycle training begins the same way as other training facilities with the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), and you would pay a registration fee of £130 during the week and £140 on the weekends. This fee will cover everything that you need to complete the training module. This course will take a full day, and to pass; you will need to give the course your undivided attention. There are a few things that you will need before you get your CBT. 

*Basic knowledge of how to operate a motorcycle.

*To complete your CBT, you will need both parts of your UK license, the paper counterpart, and the photo card. 

*You should do your CBT on a geared bike. If you do, you will be able to ride an automatic or geared bike later. 

Next, you will need to schedule your theory test at the nearest DSA centre. You can book online at www.dsa.gov.uk to make the scheduling process easier. It is a good idea to find some mock tests online to make sure that you are prepared. If you are fully prepared, you won’t need to worry about having any issues when it is time to take the real exam. 

After you have completed the CTB training and have passed the theory test, you can schedule your training sessions at Motoden, which will take two days. The training will cost £300. 

There are three main options to choose from. The one that you should choose depends on your travel needs in the future. The training options include: 

*A1 License 

-automatic 125cc scooter ONLY

-You must be at least 17-years-old

-You can carry passengers

-You can remove the L plates

*Staged Access

-125cc geared motorbike ONLY

-If you pass the test when you are 17, you can move up to the 400cc when you are 17, then the 600cc when you are 21. 

-You are limited to the test that you created most recently.

-You can carry passengers.

-You can remove your L plates.

*Direct Access

-You must be 24-years-old or older.

-You can take the 600cc test right away.

-You can ride any motorcycle you choose

After completing any of the tests listed above, you can speak with your trainer to determine if you are ready to take the module 1 test. After spending two full days with your trainer, they will have an idea of how well you are doing. 

The module 1 test costs £15, and there is an off-road section where you will need to swerve and make emergency stops. If you are taking your test on a smaller bike, you can drive yourself to the testing centre. If you are testing on a larger bike, you will need to ride with your instructor. 

After taking the module 1 test, you can decide if you feel comfortable moving on to module 2 or signing up for more training. The entire process takes half a day and will cost £100. 

The module 2 test has more of an old-school approach, and it costs £75. During this portion of the test, you will take your bike on the road, and the examiner will watch you to examine your skills. They will use an intercom to tell you where to go, and the test takes about 40 minutes. If you are riding a larger bike, you will need to travel with your trainer. If you are going to ride aq 125cc, you can travel alone. The module 2 test fee is the same as module 1, and it will take half a day. 

After you have completed the full training course, you will be allowed to ride your bike on the open road whenever you like. You will just need to follow the guidelines based on the training option that you selected. 

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