When Should You Consider Repair or Replace a Windshield?


Given how the windshield lies at the immediate forefront of the car and is consequently more at risk to face damage in any situation, that is a natural result. You cannot save your windshield from regular, minor damages that come from debris, stones and scraps flying at the side of roads, etc. Over time, as the damages start piling up, the line between repair and windshield replacement gets more and more blurred.

Windshield replacement is something one shouldn’t put off for too long to stay on the safer side of San Jose’s rough roads. Any disruption in the surface of your windshield has a major impact on your line of vision, putting you directly in line for dangerous mishaps. Whether it’s repair or replace, getting your windshield worked on is quite important and here’s how you differentiate between when to repair and when to replace:

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  • Size: One important point to remember if you’re confused between windshield repair or windshield replacement is how big the chip or crack is. Your mechanic can easily repair a 40mm diameter chip. Moreover, at the most, your mechanic will suggest repairs on two such chips. If there are more, you should consider a replacement.
  • Placement: If the chips or cracks lie away from the direct line of the driver’s vision, repairs will be ideal. This is because the chips in the driver’s line of vision threaten the passengers and driver’s safety, so it’s best to take no risks there and stay on the safe side.
  • Time: If the chips in your windshield are recent, repairing them will be easy and convenient. How long the chips have been on your windshield matters as these chips tend to get worse with time, which weakens their overall structure and increases the chances of replacement.


  • Damage: Obvious instances of windshield replacement would be if you are involved in an accident that shatters your windshield, causing a prominent hole in it. Sometimes, flying objects flung at a fast pace towards your windshield also causes major, big cracks that should be taken in for replacement as soon as possible.
  • Size: As is the case with repairment scenarios, cracks weaken your entire windshield structure. This puts the driver and the passengers at risk of being seriously injured even in case of minor accidents. The maximum force falls on the car’s windshield, so any cracks can worsen the entire damage and manage to send the people in the front seat flying through.

Both windshield repairs and replacements are essential to maintain overall car safety. In any case, it’s best not to delay getting the work done and go for it as soon as possible.For windshield replacement in San Jose,contact Glassfixit, one of the leading automobile service companies.

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