When Was Your Car Last in For a Service and Repair?


We depend heavily on our cars for much of the week. They allow us to get to work and back, take the kids to school, and get out on weekends and holidays. This is why they are so important to us. But when was the last time that you had your car in for a service or repair? Would you know what warning signs to look for?

Knowing When to Call the Local Mechanic

The good news is that if your car has a problem, large or small, reliable experienced car servicing in Bristol can help you. But how would you know if there were a problem with your car, especially if your mechanical knowledge is limited?

Here are some common signs that you need to book your car in for a service, tune-up, and possible repair:

  • Noisy brakes: The brakes keep us and other road users safe and sound, but this means that we also need to be vigilant about their condition. If your brakes are grinding or making noise when you use them, it could mean that they need replacing by the mechanic.
  • Engine noise: It’s always good to know the normal sound of your engine. This is so that you can notice a problem if the noise changes. If your car is making a knocking or hammering sound as you accelerate, it could be one of a number of issues, some of them not so minor.

Keep Yourself Safe

If you do notice that there might be something wrong with your car, don’t ignore it. Call a mechanic to book it in for some attention. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



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