When You See These Signs, It’s Time To Change Your Car’s Oil


A car owner is someone who will wear many hats. You have to be able to clean your car, do regular inspections, and even identify underlying issues that aren’t as apparent during routine check-ups. This will help you know if you can repair the components or if it’s time to look for replacement parts for a Mercedes Benz.

Oil issues are some of the most common you’ll hear among car owners. For some reason, it’s still the least paid attention to among the many components of a car. It’s quite easy to know when to change the oil of your car as long as you know the things that you have to look for.

Your car’s oil is dark

Dark oil means dirty oil. If your car’s oil is dirty, it won’t be efficient in providing your car with the protective barrier it needs to avoid damage among the different parts for a Mercedes Benz inside the engine.

You notice a burning oil odor

Even if it’s just faint, you should be alarmed if you notice a hint of burnt oil smell whenever your car’s engine is running. This means that there’s an oil leak somewhere and the oil is dripping on parts of your engine which may be hot.

You hear clicking noises

Clicking noises become loud banging noises if the issue is not addressed. Your car’s motor oil may become worn out after usage. If this is the case, you will notice that there’s a loud series of clanking noises whenever you are driving your car. This can result in permanent damage to the components of your car so you should have your oil replaced immediately.

Your car is stalling

The worst fear of a car owner is for their vehicle to stall. It can indicate a small issue which can be fixed within an hour or a huge dilemma that won’t be addressed until after a thorough inspection by an expert. One of the reasons why your car might stall is the fuel filter becoming clogged.

Your car overheats quicker than it used to

If you have been driving your car for a long time, you will most likely know when it starts to heat up. The circumstances will not be foreign to you. If it becomes too fast even in conditions where it shouldn’t overheat that fast, you are most likely having troubles with the oil of your car.

Why you should change your car’s oil

Now that you know what to look for, you should review the reasons why you have to maintain the quality of the oil in your car. Clean motor oil will provide your car with a protective barrier between the metal components inside of the engine. If the oil becomes dirty, then it will become a contributor to the damage while also not being able to provide the protection it used to in the first place.

Inefficient car oil will cause scratches, overheating, and a litany of other detrimental things that may affect the state of your car both temporarily and permanently.

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