Why Ford Cars are Safe to Drive


If you are looking for a car prioritized on safety measures, Ford can top your list of brands. To know more why driving a Ford car is safe, read on.

To make every travel safe for the user Ford puts in all possible efforts loaded with a wide range of features focusing both on avoiding an accident in an Active way and protecting the passengers even if a collision is unavoidable in a Passive way. Here are technology and safety measures you get in every Ford car, as described by the Connecticut Ford dealer.

Emergency Assistance

The most prominent component of potential live-saving measures from Ford SYNC is an Emergency Assist that gets activated with pulling up an airbag or shutting down the fuel pump, at any event of an accident. The Emergency Assistance automatically makes calls to the local emergency services and shares the exact GPS location of the vehicle.


Ford cars are equipped with all possible airbags to ensure safety for the driver and the passengers. It is placed even along the curtain and sides, a pack of 6 to provide an all-round protection. In the All-New Endeavour, an additional driver’s knee airbag has been included. They play actively with the help of advanced sensors ensuring a prompt yet controlled response on demand.

The Braking System

The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) clubbed with the Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) work together to maintain the balance of the brake force between the front and the rear wheels to prevent from getting locked. It is an effort to provide greater control to the driver and bring stability while stopping the vehicle all of a sudden.

Conductive Alloys

Every Ford vehicle is having fuel lines are manufactured with alloys to make them more conductive, and to prevent sparks. The Fuel tanks placed in Ford vehicles are laid in a pattern to ensure that they don’t get easily damaged. Moreover, the fuel supply to the engine gets cut off automatically whenever there are any chances of falling undue impact on the fuel tank.

Better Wiring

Ford vehicles picked up only thick gauge wires to load the distribution of load and to enable better capacity. They have inserted Special wire clamps to maintain the highest standards of safety. Additionally, there is a wire insulation system with a special anti-static coating to keep the electric impulses flowing without any accumulation. Ford dealer Connecticut recommend only Genuine Accessories issued by Ford to install in the Ford vehicles.

Summing Up with Ford MyKey Technology

To sum up, Ford proved its sincere efforts to keep you safe through this special technology that got introduced in Ford vehicles to set the maximum speed limit, a seatbelt reminder and control of the audio system volume. Specially crafted to create a peaceful ambience, Ford MyKey is made easy to use. It needs only the insertion of the key into the ignition, and start the car. Rest is only following the simple instructions that are pre-set as a program with the kind of restrictions you want.

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