Why use a Dashcam?


Dash cams are becoming more and more popular now, and in the ever increasing number of car accidents and ‘crash for cash’ situations that are occurring, they are proving to be a saviour for those on the unfortunate end of these accidents, as they show exactly what has happened as opposed to having to take sides based on verbal stories.

There are many types of dashcam around at the moment, and they all have varying price points, but follow our simple guide below to ensure that you make the most out of it when it comes to purchasing one:

Test the Picture Quality

Picture quality is very important.  You need a picture quality that distinguishes features in case you need to call upon it.  Prices for dashcams range from £20 – £250, but even some of the cheaper ones offer better picture quality in comparison to the expensive ones.

Single or Multiple Lens?

Single Lens dash cams are the most basic and most common type you will find.  They record from a single lens and mount on the windscreen to record the road ahead.  They will not be able to record either side of the car or behind.

Multiple lens dash cams record from more than one camera at the same time, and you would usually have one attached on the front and read windscreens.  This will help if you are hit from behind as it would be on tape.


The price you pay will depend on the features you get with your dash cam as rule.  It is worth considering investing in a dash cam that has GPS, G-Force Sensors and Parking mode included as these could all prove extremely helpful in most situation and help you out no end.

Other considerations

SD Cards – most dash cams use loop recording, meaning that when space on the memory card has ran out, it will rewrite over the oldest footage.  Those that don’t have this feature will require you to buy a memory card – class 6 or above recommended.

Installation – you need to consider if you want the camera to work from your cigarette lighter, or if you want it hard-wired.  If the latter, professional installation is recommended.

For more information on dash cams and their relevant features and benefits, take a look online (https://vdashcam.com is great for that) where you will find a whole host of options and articles to further your understanding and clarify why you are best off to have one to protect you against any unplanned accidents you may become a part of.

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