Will You Need Insurance For Car Rentals in Reykjavik?


Time and again car rental companies say that car rental insurance is mandatory. When you wish to rent a car from a company, a collision-damage waiver will be presented to you as an add-on. Employees will say that you wouldn’t be able to rent a car if you don’t buy into the insurance. But most car rental Reykjavik companies fine print will say that the liability waivers aren’t mandatory. So, which is right and what can be done?

The Truth About Car Rental Coverage

The city of Reykjavik requires car rentals to offer insurance on their automobiles, but there isn’t a law stating that you, the renter will have to buy it. The insurance coverage here isn’t strictly insurance; it’s more of a profitable and really expensive Loss-Damage Waiver or Collision-Damage Waiver product being offered by your car rental company. Employees of the car rental company sell you these optional add-ons along with a few half-truths so they can profit.

These Collision-Damage add-ons represent a large amount of income for car rental companies as a whole. While customers may be already covered either by travel insurance, auto insurance or via their credit cards, the companies still push for optional damage waivers to be added to the total. It can easily double the cost of the car you’re renting.

Can these car rental Reykjavik turn you away from renting a car with them if you don’t add car rental coverage? The short answer is yes. They can say that they have the right to protect their assets, the general public and the passenger, and that renting a car is a privilege and not a right. Remember that there’s a large cost and extreme liability in vehicle loss or damage.

Car rental agents may be twisting their car rental policies to force people to buy additional car insurance. The truth is, car rental companies are saying that car insurance is really an optional add-on. This coverage becomes sensible for those who are traveling to new places in a foreign vehicle, whether for business or for pleasure. It is an industry standard in the city of Reykjavik. Furthermore, there are now options where you can purchase coverage online at half the price of what car rental companies offer.

It’s always wise to know more about what is optional and what’s not in car rental Reykjavik. If a car rental employee starts telling you that car insurance is mandatory, and that you can’t rent a car without it, you’ll need to be prepared. Brush up on the newest information regarding the city insurance laws and always have the proper documentation with you. You’ll need to be calm and face the untruths with a few facts of your own. Any and all car rental insurance requirements can be found in the city’s laws which can be found online. The car rental employees may have you shoulder that responsibility, but you are not mandated by law to accept the coverage. If you are renting an automobile overseas, then it’s always wise to call a car rental company or check their website for more information. You can also browse websites where insurance requirements are clearly listed according to city.

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