7 Essential Pre-Road-Trip Checks


We all love heading off on an amazing road-trip. Whether it’s to go on holiday, see family or friends or just for an adventure, a road-trip can be the absolute experience of a lifetime.

However, when you’re on the road you’re counting on the vehicle you’re riding in. That means for longer trips, you absolutely have to make sure your car is driving smoothly. Here are some essential pre-road-trip checks that you don’t want to miss.

Tire Quality and Tread

One of the most important things to check before you set off on a major road trip is tire quality. Two things are important when it comes to tire quality. One is no bulges or tears, which can lead to bursting, and two is tread.

Tread is essential when it comes to gripping the road. You need a certain depth of tread on a tire to be able to trust it to work safely without skidding. If you’re in a snowy location, you might even want to invest in snow tires.

Alerts and Lights

All those blinking lights and symbols behind the wheel can mean something hugely important! If you’ve got a light that comes on and stays on while you’re driving, you need to get your car manual out and look it up. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


All cars need fuel. Make sure yours is properly filled up before you set off. Going for more than necessary fuel stoppages makes your journey slower, potentially more expensive and who wants that? You know where it’s cheaper locally, you don’t want to get ripped off on the road.

Food Supplies

We all need snacks and drinks while travelling, especially the driver! Make sure you’re fully stocked up, with plenty of light snacks, water and whatever else you might fancy on your trip. Hint – mints can help with car sickness!

Getting hungry or thirsty while driving can lead to lapses in concentration, which can be unsafe. Make sure everyone’s fed and watered on your trip.

Maps and Guides

Okay, okay, maybe not proper, paper maps, but a functioning smartphone with all the right map software on it, as a minimum, and maybe even a proper satnav, if you’re feeling a little old-school. Check it’s all running properly, and that you know where you’re going.

Pre-Trip Drive

It can be really handy if you’re not used to driving this particular vehicle, or if you’ve not driven it in a while, to give it a quick pre-trip cruise around the block. You can get a feel for driving it, and make sure there are no weird sounds or blinking lights.

OBD Check

Getting an OBD car diagnostic system installed in your car is a must for any regular road-tripper, it allows you to properly check up on your vehicles health before every road-trip, allowing you to trust that everything’s about to run super-smoothly.

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