7 Essential Things to Pay Attention to While Buying Tires Online


Doing shopping online has become an integral part of our life: isn’t it handy to sit at home in front of your computer and purchase all necessary things without leaving your home? Of course, yes! However, can all things be purchased in such a way? The answer is ‘yes’, but you should have enough knowledge to know how to do the online shopping correctly.

Today, we’re going to share some tips and clues on how to buy car tires online correctly.

Tip 1: Determine The Type of the Tires You’re Going to Purchase

All in all, there are three main types of the tires to be purchased online:

  • New car tires;
  • Retreated car tires;
  • Used car tires.

The best choice of these three tire types is, of course, the new ones, because only a set of new tires can guarantee the entire safety and excellent performance during the car ride.

Tip 2: Try Not to Purchase Used Car Tires Online

New tires always cost much, and sometimes you may be tempted to purchase a pair of used tires instead of the new ones. We highly recommend not to do this online because:

  • You should check the tires minimum tread depth and you can’t do this online;
  • The tire can have damages (you may see the tire’s photo, but it’s always better to check it in a real life);
  • You never know how the tires were stored and whether it was done correctly.

Tip 3: Buy Retreated Tires Instead of the Used Ones

Retread tires can become an excellent alternative to the used tires in case you don’t have enough money for buying the new ones. These tires are made of the no more than 5 years old tires, when their original surface is taken away and is replaced by the new version of the tread.

Tip 4: Choose the Right Model

Choosing the right model of the tire is the key moment in purchasing a new set of tires, whether you do it in a real life or online. Of course, it’s better to buy the tires that were initially set on the vehicle by the car manufacturer. However, this initial set may be of the premium class and it usually costs quite a lot. You may find a cheaper alternative with the same characteristics if you do not want to overpay.

Tip 5: Deal with the Reputable Online Tire Retailers

When you buy tires online, you should be totally sure that you get a warranty for them. This warranty should be used to fix the possible problems you may get with the tires in the future.

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Tip 6: Pay Attention to the Information Printed on the Tire

To know which tire to purchase, pay attention to the information printed on the tire’s side. Here you can find all necessary data about its dimensions and pressure.

Tip 7: Check Compatibility

The tire you’re going to purchase should match the requirements set by your car manufacturer. To check this, use your vehicle’s manual or search the information on the internet.

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