A Few Basic Checks to Perform on Your Car Before the Winter


Autumn is just a month away now. You are probably not thinking about it, as you are still enjoying a well-deserved time out in the heat of summer. But, after completing a relaxing holiday, you and your family will be considering ways to improve your car’s performance, so it can get you through the winter.

There are a lot of things that you can do to check a car’s functions, after the hot summer and all your adventures took a toll on it. Some of these checks are not recommended for you to do on your own, so it would be highly advisable to use the professional services of a Swindon garage services and repairs provider. Below are a few areas that will require checking before the winter months hit.


 Autumn is a good time to check tyre pressure and changes. Tyres are among the most common auto repairs and among the most important checks one can make. Poor tyre condition or tire pressure can spell disaster to one’s wallet, and the winter driving conditions tend to make tyres more worn out.


 Filters tend to take a beating in the winter. Air filters and oil filters should both be checked and replaced if needed. These filters are not used quite as often during colder months as they are in the summer. But, overall, a bad oil filter can decrease the efficiency of the engine and cost the car owner fuel efficiency, which is important due to the increased time in the car and the expense that gas prices bring.


 Autumn is a good time to check on the windshield wipers and to make sure that the fluid is filled. The windshield wipers tend to take a beating in the winter because of the weight of the snow and the freezing conditions found outside the car, adding to the corrosion.

Belts, Hoses, and Clamps

 Having these checked once a year is recommended to maintain optimal operating conditions. When the weather gets colder, these parts tend to tighten naturally, but can lose their efficiency when the weather gets warmer.

Preventative maintenance in the autumn will ensure a functional car going into the colder season.

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