A Guide to Sourcing the Right Auto Body Repair Shop


No matter how much care we take when driving, it is only a matter of time before the car is scratched or dented, and when that happens, it makes sense to have it repaired before rust sets in. While there are many car bodywork repair shops, not all offer a top-notch service, and if you are looking for an auto body repair shop in your area, here are a few things to look for.

  1. Comprehensive Service – When looking for car body work in Glasgow, it is important to choose accompany that offers a comprehensive service. This would include a pick-up and delivery service, as well as offering a loan car to use while yours is being repaired.
  2. Fully Equipped Workshop – A tradesman is only as good as his tools, or so they say, and when looking for an auto repair shop, make sure you choose one that has a state of the art premises. This would include special tools and equipment for use with paintless dent removal (PDR), as well as having several spray rooms, which are essential for major repairs.
  3. Affordability – Having the best workshop service your car shouldn’t break the bank, and there are top quality repair shops that offer their services at down to earth prices. If you feel the quote is a little high, ask several companies to quote, which will give you some comparison prices.

Ideally, the car body repair shop would be a member of a trade association of federation, which is a good indicator of what to expect should you decide to use their services.

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