Common Signs That Your Brakepads Need Changing


Owning a car may seem extremely exciting due to its plenty of benefits but it is important to keep in mind that automobiles need servicing for your safety and it is extremely important. If you own a vehicle, then you have to keep a check on the performance of your brakes from time to time. On average, the brakes need to be replaced at least two-three times and it is really difficult to find out the exact time and stage when it needs to be changed.

Therefore, it is important to be regular with the brake fitting service as it will not only help you in saving money in the long run but also will help you in preventing from the severe life risks. Here are some of the signs that depict that the brake pads need replacement.

Noise from the brakes

This is one of the primary signs that your brake pads require attention. If the brake pads of your car make constant squealing and squeaking noise, then, it’s time that you must consider replacing them. Most of the brake pads these days come with inbuilt wear indicators and, their main purpose is to make sounds which mostly come out when the brake pads wear off.

The constant exposure of the brakes to the rain or damp conditions makes a dust deposit on the brake pads which mainly makes the noise at the time of braking.

Indicator lights

If the indicator lights turn on, then, you must think of getting your car’s brake pads checked. Few of the car models come with sensors that trigger once the brake pads get damaged. In case the brake lights of the car turn on, then, it is best if you get your brake pads checked by any professional since they know the mechanism. They can give an idea on when your brake pads need replacement.

Metal grinding noise

In case you hear some deep metal grinding sound then, this is one of the indications of the brake pad replacement. Few brake pads are made in a way that, small metal ridges are placed underneath the pad which makes the noise that helps in alerting the driver to change the brake pads.

These noises are alarming and, its best to take the car to any car professional. If you ignore the noise, then it causes the ridges to grind against other metal areas thus creating more damage which requires fixings other parts along with the brake pads.

Therefore, these are some of the common signs that indicate that the brake pads of your cars need to be fixed. The signs must be taken seriously if you want to have a safe drive while on the road.

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