An Affordable Way to Buy a New Car


If it’s time to change the car, and you’ve decided to go for a new model, there’s a lot to choose from. Car dealerships everywhere showcase their latest models, and the tasteful décor is designed to lure the buyer into an environment where the deal can be closed. Have you ever wondered just how expensive these showrooms are to maintain? The dealership is usually situated in a prime location, so the price tag must be significant, and then you have all the sales staff, who are probably on part salary – part commission basis, which leads to a hefty monthly outgoing, just to maintain the showroom as a retail outlet.

Online avenues

For the motorist who is looking to buy a new vehicle, there are online options that eliminate a lot of the cost one would pay at a dealership. With no showroom, and a direct connection with the manufacturer, the consumer can receive the car, along with all the regular benefits, at a significantly lower price. There are reputable online dealers with new car offers at discounted prices, saving the consumer money.

The showroom pressure

If you’ve bought a new car, you will have experienced the pressure, as the salesperson knows there are other dealerships nearby, and their aim is to close the deal there and then. They are very good at what they do, and have an array of freebies they can use as a sweetener. Most will also play with their personal commission, in a bid to drop the price a little, but will only use this as a last resort. As much as one would like to get a quote, take a brochure, and get back to them, the dealership would rather sell a car, and so they tend to be a bit pushy.

No pressure

Buying a new car online is more about obtaining prices and information, and taking your time, after all, it is a big decision and you want to be sure. Finding a vehicle is a breeze, you just type in the information in the search window, and the car is located. The online broker has an extensive network within the automobile industry, and can source any make of car. There are many options with any new vehicle, and by filling out a series of online forms with information about transmission type, engine capacity, number of doors, and colour, you can soon source your chosen vehicle.

Lower than retail

The prices vary according to specifications, but you will always be quoted a price that is considerably lower than the retail price, which is what you would pay if you walked into a showroom. Why pay more? The popularity of online new car dealers is growing, as more and more people realise the massive savings to be had by circumventing the dealership.

Modern solutions mean massive saving for those who are in the market for a new car, and with fast, convenient service, the buying experience has never been cheaper, or better.

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