5 Car Modifications That You’ve Got to Try


Unlike your family, you don’t have to live with the car you have. There are a host of fun and functional modifications that will instantly help transform almost any car into the car of your dreams.

Check ’em out!


So easy, so effective. Upgrading your tires will give your ride serious traction. Be mindful of treadwear rating, ride noise and weather traction to ensure you’re picking the best tires for your climate and car. Not all tires are created equal, after all. Depending on the make and model of your car, they can cost anywhere from $50 to a few hundred.

2) Car Seats

Custom made and personalized seat covers not only protect your seats from wear and tear, but they can enhance the look for your interior. Not all cars are made looking like Bentley’s right? Car seats are particular useful if you have kids, and don’t want everyone who gets into your car to know you have kids, and don’t want everyone who gets into your car to be permeated by the smells and messes that come with children. They are also a solid investment if your job gets you dirty. Don’t skimp on the quality, either. The best and most durable will cost you upwards of $100, but they’ll save you on detailing.

3) LSD

Nah, kid. Not talking about the chemical kind. Most cars are only driven by one wheel so if you want to optimize your engine, then invest in limited slip differential and see gains in your horsepower. This will cost you a minimum of around $500 dollars, but if you want a powerful ride, then it’s worth every penny.

4) Anti-Roll

If you take corners like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, then an adjustable anti-roll bar is a solid pick. This prop connects to the sides of your vehicle’s suspension to help prevent leaning (and rolling), thereby steadying the weight.  You can mess around with the bar (which is adjustable) until you’re cool with your car’s vibe. A solid anti-roll system will run you around $400.

5) Shock and Awe

Want a smooth ride? Then front the cash for quality shock absorbers and keep your tread on the terrain. Shock absorbers will control the ups and downs, giving you a smoother, more pleasant drive. But don’t bother with any amped up shocks unless your pro, OK? I’m sure many of us have Fast and Furious moments, but – let’s face it – we’re not (and shouldn’t pretend to be) stunt drivers. The cost of shock absorbers ranges based on the model of your vehicle, but can run from as little as $25 to as much as $1,400 dollars.

The car of your dreams may not come ready-made, but by adding a few basic (and often affordable) modifications, you can create it easily.

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