Apache RTR 160 Review- Gets Best Experience While On Road


I am having an Apache RTR 160 from the last 7 months. Truly speaking, I have become a great fan of this bike when I rode it for the first time. The most important thing that will make you crazy about this bike is the rock stable handling and the power and thrust of the engine. This bike is being powered by the 160cc mileage that gives about 15.5bhp power at the horsepower of 12000rpm. This bike can ride at a distance of 60km per hour in just 5 secs average. Yes, it is pretty fast for this segment.

Talking about the speed, it is the fastest 2 wheeler vehicle in this segment. Though, the mileage is less as compared to the other varieties, but it can be compromised with the pickup of the bike. So, the mileage factor does not become the issue for the riders who want the SPEED along with the stable handling with the pinpoint breaking facilities. Apache RTR 160 is having roto pedal disk breaking facility in the rear front. The roto pedal enable cooling of the disk in the faster rate and stops this bike quickly.

Now, this RTR is available in double disk version that is one more disk in the rear front. This bike is equipped with the adjustable clip on the bike handle bars for providing the better grip to the hand. You ride this bike for the first time and you will see that your beast is controlling the ride by itself. With having all these features, the apache rtr 160 price is comparatively less. This bike is available in various color versions like it is available in cherry red, grey and black. This bike is also available in the yellow color as well.

Though, this bike has a negative impact that it makes a tappet sound that is produced from the valve of the engine. The performance of this bike is noteworthy. Thus, if you are looking for a bike that stands out from all, it is better to go for the Apache RTR. Never compromise the apache rtr 160 mileage, the speed is good.

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