Best Upgrades To Make Before A Long Motorcycle Ride


Since the weather is getting warmer, now is the time to start thinking about taking your next vacation. If you’re an avid motorcyclist, why not try a road trip on the back of your bike? Bike Bandit recommends that You may have considered it in the past, but there’s no time like the present, right? However, before you begin long distance motorcycle riding, there are a few things that you should upgrade on your bike, especially if all you do is commute or ride casually on the weekends. Here are some top tips to get you started:


What kind of helmet do you have? What about your jacket? For casual riders, they may have clothing and gear that works well for day trips, but won’t hold up after spending eight hours on the road. Comfort is more important than anything, so make sure that you have a high-quality jacket, a protective helmet, and decent riding gloves.


When talking about motorcycle upgrades, most people will think of things like the brakes or clutch. However, for a long-distance ride, you need extra storage unless you’re planning on wearing the same thing every day. Check out different saddle bags (hard or soft) and figure out what will work best with how much stuff you can bring and how it feels when you ride.


As we mentioned, comfort is king on the road, as one slightly annoying thing will become unbearable after a full day of riding. Make sure that your seat is extra padded and won’t result in numbness or soreness when you get off. Also, if you’re traveling in cold months, a good motorcycle bodywork will be to have it heated.


If you haven’t checked or changed your tires in a while, then you might want to do so before heading out. These are going to take the most abuse, so make sure that you have a rugged set that will last thousands of miles without breaking down.

Overall, think about the parts that you use most on your bike, and upgrade anything that is slightly off or you don’t think will make it on a long journey.

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