Top Maintenance Tips For Your Motorbike Chain


For the bike lovers, their bike is everything for them and they cannot compromise with its maintenance and this maintenance is incomplete without motorbike chain care. Yes!!! Motorcycle chain maintenance is as much necessary as other parts maintenance such as oil changes, tire maintenance etc.

Important items you need for chain maintenance

To make sure that chain cleaning is done in an ideal way, a variety of sophisticated designed chain maintenance oriented items are available in the market. The prominent ones have been shared here without which the discussion about motorbike chain care tips will not be considered complete.

  • O-ring friendly chain lubricant – Choose chain lubricant wisely as the market is flooded with it.
  • Various wrenches – It is next on the list and quite important too.
  • A new cotter pin – You will need of it while adjusting the chain tension.
  • Rags – It requires at the time of wiping the grime off the chain.
  • A soft brush – you may also use an old toothbrush
  • An O-ring friendly chain cleaner – Make sure what is the type of your chain
  • A rubber mallet, a rear wheels stand and A tape measure -and these all three things are optional

Top motorbike chain care tips

Needless to say, chains are typically the mechanical heroes of the bike as they do play an important task every time of transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel. Let’s check it out how to do maintenance of bike’s chain.


This is essential to keep inspecting your chain prior to every ride to make sure there is no damage or wear.

  • Check if there is any tight spot by rotating the rear wheel. In case, it does not rotate freely then you need to install a new chain.
  • Check the rear drive sprocket emphasizing apexes of the teeth are in their new shape and not curved.
  • Also, check that there are no rust spots indicating towards insufficient lubrication or poor corrosion protection
  • If the sides of the teeth are worn, they are hinting that they have not been eating well with the chain.


Cleaning is essential to enhance the long life of the chain. Before lubrication, it requires to get the cleaning done properly. The amalgamation of dirt, grit, and lube can make a grinding paste leading towards reducing chain life.

  • Make sure that Petroleum Based Cleaner, detergent or wire brushes are not being used. Go with “Spray-on-rinse-off” specially designed formula to make proper cleaning of chain happening.
  • Moreover, you also need not-to-go with high-pressure jets or pressure washer since it is not good for chain’s health.

Dry The Chain

Motorcycle chain needs to get dry before the lubricant should apply on it. You may take your time to make it fully dry. Moreover, you also need to remove all the chain cleaner prior to lubricating so that chain’s life will be get enhanced.

Lubricate The Motorcycle Chain

After doing proper chain cleaning and making it dry, it requires applying lubricant all across the chain. Make sure that you prefer the best kind of chain lube.

  • Plain Chain -It requires slathering on the lube and removing the extra. It needs to keep plain chain continually coated with a lubricant to make sure it is working properly.
  • Sealed Chain – The placed grease insider the O-rings plays a significant role to lubricate the chain. It also helps to keep chain free from rust.

Following the above-mentioned motorbike, chain care tips can really help you to get properly working motorbike chain. It also helps to increase the life of motorbike chain in a great way so that you will have a tension free bike ride every time.

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