Benefits of a Car Hire Service


Car hire services give you control of your time. The most common types of transport

services are bus, cabs, and trains in some cities. The bus and the train work on a

timetable which might not fit in your schedule. If you want a convenient trip where you

take control of your time, it is advisable to hire a vehicle. At CMH cars, we offer you a

wide range of vehicles which you can hire at flexible plans and affordable prices. If

you plan to stay longer than earlier planned, you can always extend your plan with ease.

Travelling as a group can be exhausting if there is no central means of commuting. Car

hire services present you with a wide range of high capacity vans and minibuses. Minibuses

have a capacity of up to 17 passengers. Once you hire a vehicle for group transport, it

is advisable that the group meets at a centralised location to save time used to pick up

each person. Whether it is a family getaway or a corporate trip, CMH Cars has a

vehicle for you.

The St Helens Car hire services at CMH Cars are very flexible. If you need to hire a

vehicle for a specific duration different from the plans offered in our website, we can

set a customised plan for you. If you decide to increase or reduce the time you intended

to use our vehicle, call and we will consider you. You can also book a vehicle to be

reserved for you at a later date when you will use it.

Our St Helens car hire service offers a variety of vehicles to suit your needs. We have

cheap vehicles suitable for shopping and leisure trips. In addition, our St Helens car hire service

has executive vehicles ideal for business meetings. With our business vehicles, you are

set to make a good impression on your business partners. If you are planning to move

goods, we have Lorries which will help you transport big luggage. Using our Lorries

brings convenience because you can park and transport the goods on your own timetable.

Cost is one of the key factors to consider when deciding on the method of commuting. The

packages we offer at CMH cars are cheap compared to using cabs and buses when travelling

as a group. The bigger the group, the cheaper you will pay.

Cars can break down at any time. At CMH Cars, we offer you a very cheap collision damage

waiver to cater for the common damages like tyres and windscreen. The collision damage

waiver comes in three packages where you get one. Each package is tailored to cover you

for the full time you are using the vehicle. Services at Car hire widnes reduce the

liability you might incur during your time with us.

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