Reasons to Visit your Ferrari Technician Regularly


If you own a Ferrari, you understand that this car is slightly different from the rest. That’s why it crucial to have it serviced by a specialized mechanic who has experience dealing with Ferraris. It’s easy to want to handle the supposedly simple maintenance tasks like an oil change or filter replacement and so on. However, you should know that Ferraris aren’t your everyday type of cars, and doing this could only make the problem worse. Ferrari repairs should only be limited to factory trained master technicians – meaning, even your average mechanic should not try to fix it.

Here are reasons to visit your Ferrari technician regularly:

Logbook servicing

A service logbook features all the data relating to the car manufacturer and the servicing needs for the first 20,000 kilometers. It’s this schedule that you’ll use to have your vehicle serviced by a trained technician. The service logbook offers a guide for technician regarding which parts to service to ensure the warranty stays intact. DIY or having just any mechanic fix your car can cause issues when it comes to claiming warranty.

General servicing

This is crucial as it helps keep your vehicle in a perfect working condition. It offers an excellent opportunity for the mechanics to uncover any potential problems and fix them before they get out of hand. This will go a long way in saving your time and money that you would otherwise use to repair a severe problem.  Besides, Ferraris have expensive spare parts that are often not readily available. So, a quick checkup by a Ferrari technician will save you lots of money and headaches in the long run.

Exhaust and emission servicing

Exhaust systems collect and filter gases from the engine before releasing them into the air. The system also keeps your car quiet. Ferraris with proper functioning exhaust systems sound better and function more efficiently. They also are good for the environment. A system that’s failing will affect gas mileage the quality of air that you breathe in the car.

Brake servicing

This is one of the most crucial services, regardless of the type of car you own. Since Ferraris have a slightly different design, it’s advisable to have your vehicle checked by a qualified Ferrari mechanic. Brake services include rear and front relining, disc grinding and disc and drum machining. You can also get hydraulics servicing, caliper servicing, and disc rotor servicing.

Engine servicing

This includes the repair and maintenance of different components like oil cans, camshaft, valves, piston rings, etc. working with a trained Ferrari technician is the best way to ensure your engine servicing is done right, and that you don’t void your vehicle’s warranty.

Ferraris are sophisticated and high-performance cars that are designed using precision engineering. Wear and tear due to everyday use makes it a must to have them serviced frequently. It’s essential to have your car checked and serviced by a trained technician who has experience repairing such vehicles if you want it to run as good as new.

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