Buying a Towbar for Your Vehicle


Installing a tow bar or a tow hitch on your vehicle is a great idea for those who own a more powerful vehicle, like a pickup truck. As the name suggests, a tow bar or a tow hitch is an attachment that can be fixed on the back of your vehicle. You can attach a towing line to the bar in order to pull other vehicles. Here are some basic things you should know about tow bars:

  • They are adjustable and available in several different sizes
  • They are made from incredibly durable materials like aluminium or solid steel
  • They must be fixed in place by a professional

If you are looking to buy a towbar for your new vehicle, there are many things you should know before you purchase one. Numerous towbar suppliers in Pontefract offer these bars in various sizes. Here are some tips for buying a towbar.

Hitch Classes

Towbars are designed to pull weights up to a certain limit. This is categorised into different hitch classes, so you have to choose a trailer towbar that is designed for a suitable hitch class. If you are going to use the towbar to pull heavy weights, it’s important that you buy a towbar that can pull higher weights, like a Class V bar.


Once you have purchased the towbar, you should take it to a professional mechanic or a denting or painting company in order to have it properly installed. It’s important that the towbar be installed firmly before you put any significant weight on it.

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