Buying Stieber Clutch From the Trusted Source


Stieber Clutch is an industry leader in the production of high-precision freewheels & backstops. They are known to be the most innovative engineering company that combines the latest technologies and provides great solutions that exceed user needs. Here we will check out different types of ruedas libres Stieber available in the market. 

Basic forms

In order, to achieve desired functions, the locking elements will get positioned between the outer & inner race that affect engaging or disengaging. Such locking elements come in two designs:

Sprag freewheels are suitable as the backstops, mainly contact-free versions.
Roller freewheels are used as indexing and overrunning clutches.

Let us check out the different types of the clutch that has a different function and use:

One Way Clutches 

CSK Series – The CSK freewheel model is the sprag-type clutch that is integrated with a 6200 series bearing. The best part about this product is that it offers you a one-way clutch as well as eliminates the need for the ball bearing. This item gives a higher amount of accuracy whereas using very little space. This CSK model freewheel is used in the backstop, indexing, or overrunning applications. CSK freewheels have got same features like the ball bearings & additional bearing isn’t essential in this case.

AA series Freewheels

Another Stieber freewheels series is the AA series and it is the non-bearing type of freewheel made in the clutch that serves as the support to axial & radial loads. On installation, it must be offered with the sealing & lubrication for the right use. This tool is used with the typical installation and comes with the inner race, which is keyed on the shaft. For the outer race, it needs to fit rightly for centering & should satisfy H7 tolerance.

Type AS

Another type of roller type freewheel is type AS, it is non-bearing supported. The bearings are needed to support the axial & radial loads. Sealing and lubrication should be provided by the installation. The nominal outside dimensions will be the same as 62 series ball bearings. The typical arrangement will be installing this kind with the 62 bearings within the same location tolerances.


CSK30 PP is the sprag-type clutch that is integrated in 62 series bearing. Its bearing supported and protected against any dust particles of over 0.3 mm diameter. The freewheel offers instant locking or engagement when clutch shifts to overrun and engaged, with the maximum overrunning pace and 102 lb. ft. torque capacity.

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