How is Performance Luxuriated in the 2021 Genesis GV80 Models?


Genesis is a luxury automaking brand that is focused on luxuriating every experience luxurious within the frames of their products. The GV80, a lately introduced crossover SUV model from Genesis made this clear, in every aspect of it. 

All its attempts have succeeded beyond measure. Genesis as the luxury branch of Hyundai has now secured its place among the first row of luxury car makers, and the brand now gets in direct confrontation with the stalwarts of this segment, namely, the BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and few more, declared the Moreno Valley Genesis dealer

Tweaks Used Behind the Luxury Performance

One of the most obvious reasons why the 2021 Genesis GV80 models are considered as one of the best luxury performance vehicles is its all-performance oriented drives. The 2021 Genesis GV80 moves in a way that makes you want to extend the time spent in its comfy couches. 

For this the 2021 model year lineup of Genesis GV80 makes use of an exemplary combination of powertrain components, that not only has power input in abundance, but even has the right set of driving dynamics, that enhances the maneuverability in every turn. 

To go deeper into the details, we must mention that the 2021 model year lineup of Genesis GV80 keeps a 2.5-liter turbo-4 engine at the base and that is the standard powertrain offered in all of its trim levels. Those who want still higher power can opt for the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine that can ignore the road imperfections with dignity. Both the engines get the same 8-speed automatic transmission that is meant to send the engine power mostly to the rear wheels and also to all four of them, if you want your model come configured that way.

The one who experiences sitting behind the wheels of the 2021 Genesis GV80 will surely admit, that luxury oozes out of everything, including the cockpit environment and the feather touch responses of the driving components, like the steering wheel, the accelerator, and the brakes. 

Chasing off road destinations can be no less than a dream come true for the adventurous minds. Every road and drive challenge are handled with utmost efficiency, without letting any of them disrupt the calm and composure of the cabin, including the outside noise. Thanks to the newly activated noise cancellation system that is specifically modeled with the help of special headphones that can seal out the external world though keeping you alert of the surrounding situation that your Genesis GV80 is driving through.

Above that, Genesis introduces an available Active Motion Driver’s Seat feature to prevent drive fatigue from setting in, by making use of seven air cells that massages the tired body posterior of the driver.

To round up the conversation, the Genesis dealer near Moreno Valley concluded while handing us over the list of safety features offered in the 2021 Genesis GV80 models, that fend off the worries from the minds of the driver as well as the passengers. They are automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, and rear automatic braking.

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