Choosing a second hand Rolls Royce Car


Do you want to feel like a royalty while being driven in a chauffeured car, then we suggest that you go for a Rolls Royce car. However, if your budget is not permitting you to indulge yourself into owning a brand new Rolls Royce model, then choose among several pre owned Rolls Royce cars that are available in the market for much lesser price. It is however advisable that you check the condition of the car by an expert and look into the papers of the car before making the purchase. The list below informs you about different models of Rolls Royce that are available in the second hand car market, their prices and features.

1). Rolls Royce Ghost 6.5: Looking for a luxurious car to be driven around, then this model will fulfill your dream. This five seater has an overall length of 5569 mm and a width of 1948 mm. The inside of this car is very comfortable and allow the buyers to have different colour scheme and even different coloured upholstery to give it exclusivity. The seats are well cushioned and ventilated that can be controlled electrically controlled. The seats also come with lumbar support and have heating and cooling functions. The inside of the doors is covered with leather and the handles have a touch of chrome. The floor of this car is covered with thick mats with the logo Rolls Royce stamped on them. To drive this car, Rolls Royce has put in a 6.6-litre twin turbo charged V12 engine with a displacement capacity of 6592 under the hood. The price of the 2010 model of this car in the second hand car market is Rs. 2.95 crore.

2). Rolls Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase: Rolls Royce Phantom is a remarkable looking car and is available in a wide range of colour options. This car has a spacious and luxurious passenger cabin that has very comfortable, electrically controlled seats that are ventilated and also come with heating, cooling as well as massaging functions. Other features included navigational system, climate controller with air filter, voice control feature, cooled glove box, a powerful music system with 26 speakers and many more. It has a powerful 6.7-litre petrol engine under the hood with a displacement capacity of 6749cc. The price of this car in the second hand car market starts from a low of Rs. 3.70 crore. The price depends on the model and the condition of the car is in.

3). Rolls Royce Wraith: This coupe from the stable of Royce Wraith has a great look and very lavishly decorated interior with wood, chrome and premium leather. The seats are covered with hand stitched leather and have lumbar support, which can be electrically adjusted and have memory functions. In the upper trim of this model you will also get seats with heating, cooling as well as massaging facility. For the rear passengers, this model has two integrated screens that are placed behind the headrest of the two front seats. The wood covered dashboard has a big TFT screen that can control music, navigation as well as different drive modes. Featuring several entertainment and safety element this car running on a 6.6-litre V12 twin turbo charged engine is available for Rs. 5.95 crore in the second hand car market.

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