How Does Mercedes Vito Justify The Three-Pointed Star Superiority Of The Manufacturer?


Mercedes is a name that is associated with sophistication, performance and power. Vito vans by this celebrated German automobile manufacturer are light-weighted commercial vehicles that are rolled out from their Victoria plant in Spain. There are mainly two reasons behind the name given to the vehicle, one is derived from the name of the place from where it is produced and the other one is derived from the name of a dedicated employee, Vito Rosenstein. The short form of Victoria is Vito and on the other hand, Vito also stands for the name of the long standing employee of the company.

Mercedes Vito lease vans are mainly available in two different variants, the first one is a standard panel van and the second one makes room for more passenger area by compromising on the load area part. In the world of van leasing, this van is widely sought after due to numerous reasons, especially due to its road practicability and superior design. From the year 2010, Mercedes has begun the production of Vito E-cell, the first commercial vehicle that has incorporated electronic power engines. The standard Vito series also witnessed a face-lift in its front and back lights as well as some other modifications have also been done on the front bumpers. The diesel engine is much more efficient in this new series and the latest six-speed manual gearbox ensures a reduction of at least 15% fuel consumption. The materials that have been used in the new model are of better quality and the steering wheel suspension along with instrumentation has also undergone a complete revamp.

1st generation models (1996-2003)

Vito series is doing complete justice to the three pointed star superiority since its launch in the year 1996. Being available in two variants, the diesel engine produces a maximum bhp of 140. The diesel engine that has a power output of 89KW ensures 120 bhp in respect to the petrol version that gives an output of 105KW and a bhp of 140. One thing is common in all the models and that is every model have incorporated front-wheel drive train for easy manoeuvring and smooth driving experience.

Second generation models (2003-present)

In the year 2003, Mercedes-Benz rolled out second generation Vito vans that are more aerodynamic with a new range of power engines and rear wheel drive-train. It is also available in three different specifications with four types of diesel engines. Among them, the best range is of 120CDI that hosts a V6 engine and 3 litre, though all the models have something unique to offer to the clients.

With little doubt, Mercedes Benz is the most popular German automobile company that is globally recognized for their innovative models and exclusive designs. The models of Mercedes Vito lease vans are becoming bigger and better with time. In case, you are looking for something unique in terms of performance and features, think of leasing this model at reasonable prices from leasing deals around London.

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