Debunking the Most Common Electric Bicycle Myths That Exist Today


What have you heard about e-bikes? That they are heavy, dangerous, or require a steep learning curve? Don’t believe everything you hear.

An electric bicycle isn’t any of these things, it’s quite the opposite. The truth is e-bikes are tons of fun and a great way to get around town. In many ways, they are more superior to their traditional counterparts.

In this guide, we’ll bust the most common e-bike myths. Keep reading and riding on the path below.

E-Bikes Are Cheating

You don’t have to worry about feeling like Lance Armstrong when you ride an electric bicycle. The truth is that when you become an electric bicycle owner, you open yourself up to a more accessible way of achieving active travel. When you actively commute you lower your BMI, risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Rather than becoming a couch potato or dealing with public transportation, you will reap the rewards of staying active. You will only be cheating yourself with one.

E-Bikes Aren’t Good Exercise

Electic bicycle skeptics will often say things like “you’ll never lose weight or get in shape”. With all due respect, they couldn’t be more incorrect.

A modern electric-powered bike will have “electric assist” capabilities. This means that you will still have to pump your legs to help maintain an optimum speed. Compared to a traditional bike, you won’t feel as exhausted but the difference is slighter than you may think.

E-Bikes Are Expensive

You may be thinking that things like a motor and a battery will drive the price up. Tons of different types of electric bikes will come in various price ranges depending on what you need. The comparison falls short because you could easily say the same thing in the traditional bike market.

Think about what you’ll use the electric bicycle for. Are you a commuter, cruiser, delivery person, or health nut? The prices will vary from hundreds to thousands and are more beneficial than traditional bikes. We recommended scoping out Charge Bikes electric bikes for affordable, reliable, and electric bikes.

E-Bike Batteries Don’t Last Long

If you’re envisioning being stuck on the streets pushing your electric bicycle home—don’t! It’s best to think in terms of putting gas in the tank of your car. Many factors go into having enough “juice” for the ride such as rider size, terrain, and level of assist.

The good news is that it will only take 3-5 hours to fully charge your battery. It’s best to have two batteries so that you’ll never be caught stranded.

An Electric Bicycle Is “Ver-E” Fun

As you can see, there are so many reasons to get an electric bicycle. As we have busted many of the common myths, you’ll quickly learn as you ride that you were missing the boat all along.

E-bikes allow anyone to enjoy zipping around town in a new and fun way. You will love the speed and ease of use too.

For many more tips and tools for the road, be sure to cruise on over to our blog.

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