Different Qualities of Car mats


The stubborn or frozen dirt modern car rugs are easy to clean like no other what car enthusiasts to get them out of the car and can be shake it, in the hardest case A vacuum cleaner can also be help to do so

Car mats accessory is very effective during the rain, because it absorbs moisture. It is also easy to dry and continue to use. Textiles can be cleaned well using special detergents. Therefore, dry cleaning car mats is not difficult.

The latter acts as a base and helps retain excess moisture in the manufacture of such accessories Rubber crumbs ca not be used due to the high risk of moisture concentration in one place and the appearance of corrosion on the car body. Carpets with dense fur require special foam pads. Its function is to maintain humidity. At the same time, the advantage of such a material is its high drying rate. However, this option is best when purchasing.

Woven Carpets.

It always remembers that high-quality textile car floor mats should be of considerable thickness. Like the previous type of car accessories, they can be universal and model with a special notch protruding part and other differences

When choosing a car mats pay attention to quality. A good product should consist of layers such as piles, base foundations, anchor layers, and foundations. A very important point is the quality of edge processing and some fabric mats have special ground anchors.

Velvet carpet

It is another type of carpet made of velvet. It has a feature of ergonomics, hygroscopicity and high quality. The undoubted advantages of velvet carpets are ease of cleaning, sophistication and the creation of unrealistic comfort inside the Car accessories. Such products are able to decorate the interior of the most luxurious cars. The soft surface of the carpet has the ability to absorb moisture. Hides dirt and dust perfectly, meanwhile in terms of efficiency Velvet is much better than textiles.

Fine velvet fabric with clamps

The best option is a carpet with a rubber base. The rear prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the car and makes accessories easier. If there is no such foundation The bad weather can also be passed on to the beauty salon, where the carpet can’t bear a lot of weight As a result, the water will already be under the ground. When using a carpet with a rubber base will not encounter these problems.

Rubber sheet

Tire mats are durable and easy to maintain. This product has a high side that it does not allow moisture to penetrate the cushion. Many carpets have a net at the bottom that collects water in the cells, when driving with wet carpet Driver and passenger feet remain dry. The service life of such carpets is 3-4 years, as is polyurethane. Rubber mats are made for specific vehicle models plastic carpet. The advantages of plastic carpets are increased durability and beautiful appearance. The disadvantage is the sliding surface to avoid slipping and sometimes manufacturers make grooved surfaces.  So it is advised through this article these rugs must be secured.

Moisture absorbing mat

It is four-layer coverings known as auto absorber. The top layer of the car floor mats is a pliable polymer mesh. The second is a water-permeable material to trap the grains of sand. The third layer absorbs water and the fourth layer is waterproof.

Eco leather carpet

Artificial leather rugs, also known as eco leather, are usually made to order. Leather car floor mats have two functions, provide status and improve sound insulation.

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