Different Materials That Go into Making Car Rims


Car rims help in keeping the tire in place. The tire of a car is mounted on the rims. This makes them quite an important part of a car hardware. Car rims are made of different types of materials. The material differs by cost, looks, and durability as well. Following are the most common kinds of materials that are used for making rims and are preferred by people.

1.Steel rims

Steel rims are the traditional material of rims that you’d find mostly in mid-range cars. These are the cheapest of all. For a very long time, steel rims have been used. The trend has recently changed as people have started paying more attention to the rims to beautify their cars. Whether it is the black offroad wheels or sporty cars, pimping up the ride is more of a trend.

2.Mag rims

Mag is the abbreviation that is used in the car accessory market for magnesium. As obvious as it sounds, mag rims are made of magnesium. These give a very nice look to the car and shift the focus to the tires of the car. This is why a lot of people use mag rims for race cars.

3.Aluminium rims

Aluminium rims are used when you can spend money to get rims that last long enough and justify the price. These come in different forms and can be used for most of the cars. They also bring a lot of attention to your tires.

4.Alloy rims

Out of all the kinds of rim materials, alloy rims have become the most popular ones recently. Alloy rims are a mix of aluminium and magnesium. Since they have both the ingredients, they make the rim really versatile and shiny. They are the best looking out of all the rims and extremely lightweight too.

5.Chrome rims

When we talk about chrome rims, we talk about the most expensive rims out there in the market. Chrome rims are basically made of aluminium and coated with a layer of chrome. This chrome finish makes them reflective and gathers most of attention.

These are the most popularly used kinds of rims. If you want to know what could be the best choice when you plan to buy, address what your need is. If you are looking for flashy one, go for chrome, mag or alloy. However, if you’d want to save up, get the steel ones. Rim material does not matter too much when it comes to durability.

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