Thorough MOT Testing for Your Vehicle or Motorhome


Rather than look at your MOT test as an inconvenience, consider it a responsible decision that protects you and your vehicle in the future.

Professional technicians thoroughly inspect your vehicle and may find previously unseen damages, as well as any potential hazards that could threaten your safety.

Are You Needing an MOT Test?

If your vehicle is more than 3 years old, you are likely required by law to have your vehicle tested and inspected.

Different MOT Tests

There are different classes of MOT tests, and different vehicles will require a different level of inspection. Such tests are listed below:

  • MOT class 4
  • MOT class 7
  • Motorhome MOT tests
  • Hackney carriages
  • MOT for private hire

Your MOT in Plymouth is equipped to service vehicles of all makes and models, including special vehicles such as motorhomes and light commercial vehicles.

Keep in Mind

Before you drop off your vehicle for testing, there are plenty of simple checks you can perform to avoid simple mistakes. Such simple checks can include the following:

  • Making sure the horn is working
  • Check windshield wipers
  • Fill your fluids
  • Check light bulbs
  • Apply brakes and hand brakes
  • Tires must be 1.6mm
  • Corrosion on essential body parts
  • Body in good condition

Ensuring the functionality and condition of basic components can save you both time and money, especially if one of these things were to contribute to the failure of your MOT test.

Book Your MOT Test

Typically, your test will be due a year from the previous expiration date, and you should be able to make a reservation online.


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