Do You Need to Replace Your Tyres


If you need to replace your tyres, you can choose from brand new premium tyres or opt for part-worn tyres. Mobile services are also available for customers who need to have their tyres replaced. If you opt for mobile services, you can have your tyres replaced whilst you are at work or stuck along the roadside.

However, if you can help it, do not wait to call a tyre store until you have had a puncture and your tyre has gone flat. Instead, make sure you check your tyres regularly and practice preventative maintenance. For example, you should regularly perform the following tyre checks:

  • Check your tyre pressure with a tyre gauge to make sure the tyre is at the right pressure.
  • Take your car in to have it serviced and the tyres inspected every six months.
  • Make sure that your tyres are properly aligned. If the wheels or tyres are out of alignment, it can lead to increased tyre wear.

Routine servicing of your car every six months will ensure that any new Leeds tyres you buy will perform well for you. Again, you do not want to wait until a tyre becomes flat before you call for service. Instead, play it safe and regularly have inspections made.

You need to make sure that your tyres remain in good shape, as you cannot go anywhere without them. Plus, tyres that perform well will keep you safer on the road. Schedule a tyre inspection now if you have not already done so – set an appointment today.

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