Electric cars to buy: Vehicles of the future


With the alarming rate at which fossil fuel-run vehicles are causing pollution to the environment, there has always been this immense need to look for alternative sources of energy to run vehicles. The day is not far, especially in the UK where fossil fuel-powered vehicles are more likely to be banned. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly and do not emit toxic gases or smoke into the environment thereby contributing to the green climate. LeaseCar UK, one of the renowned names in the car leasing domain in the UK had come up with a very interesting campaign about electric vehicles (#EvTopTrumps) where they have talked about some of the most sought electric cars. They have also tried to opt for a survey that says which cars are trending in the nation and what is one more likely to buy amongst the various options of electric cars. Battery life and driving range are two of the major factors that one needs to consider while purchasing electric cars. Some of the renowned names that came in the survey are- 

Hyundai Ioniq: Battery capacity of electric cars is one of the major factors that one should look for while buying an electric car. The battery power of 38 kWh and a maximum range of 193 miles is decent enough to make this car stand ahead in terms of other electric vehicles. When it comes to value for money, this car is highly in demand by most of the people as shown in the survey. Chosen by almost 26% of respondents in the survey, the car is one of the most popular choices by people. 

Kia e-Niro: Regarded as one of the most popular models for KIA, the car takes a charging time of around 1080 minutes along with an EV range of 180 miles. The average power is 134 bhp but as per the survey scoring system, the car scores really low on factors like value for money and aesthetically pleasing model. 

Nissan Leaf: One of the highlights of this model of an electric car is that it tops the list when it comes to aesthetic value. The charging time is approximately around 450 minutes with a battery capacity of 40kWh. But on the downside, the car scores really bad when it comes to value for money much like the Tesla model. 

Tesla Model 3: When it comes to electric cars, this would be the first choice that comes to everyone’s mind. With an impressive 245 bhp and a maximum range of 267 miles, the car stands out with respect to aesthetics but scores badly in the survey when it comes to the value for money factor. 

Renault Zoe: Though having a range of decent 267 miles, the car scores pretty low in the survey when it comes to value for money and aesthetic value. When compared to other competitors this can be called the last choice of buyers amongst the other variety of options available. 

When it comes to the future of mobility, electric cars play a very important role. You need to make a wise choice by considering all the required factors while you are opting for one such eco-friendly vehicle.

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