Things to look out for that States a Vehicle’s Brake Needs Repairing


Numerous signs can be observed, which states that a vehicle’s brake needs to be repaired immediately. Once you know what to look for, it becomes easy for people to understand when they should visit Glen Alpine brake repair service station. Without such knowledge, an individual won’t know when to check brakes for repairing and will eventually lead a person to spend more than he/she really needs.

Signs that tell that brakes need repairing

With ample signs to observe, below are the ones that are tell-tale signs of brakes requiring repairs and more. These signs include:

  • Flashing yellow light
  • Vibration during braking
  • Sounds when braking
  • Spongy or low feel
  • No resistance when pressing parking brakes

Have a look at these signs in detail!

  • Yellow light on the dashboard

One of the easiest ways to know that a car’s brakes need repairing is when the ABS dashboard indicator, which is usually yellow lights up. ABS prevents wheels from getting locked and aids in maintaining vehicle control when it hard stopped. It is the easiest way to understand that a vehicle needs to go through an appropriate brake servicing and repair or replace it as the situation demands.

  • Vibration when braking

A car’s brake needs to be repaired if a driver feels vibration when applying brakes to stop the vehicle. If such vibration occurs, it means that the vehicle is suffering from damaged brake rotors. During this time, one needs to opt for professional assistance as only experienced mechanics will be able to check it and suggest replacing or resurfacing it.

  • Grinding noise

Another sign, which tells that, brakes need repairing or replacing when a driver hears grinding or high-pitched noise when applying brakes. This strongly indicates that brakes have either worn thing or simply worn out completely and need an expert’s urgent attention to it. If you hear such a noise, get an appointment instantly, as it is quite dangerous to drive a vehicle that makes such sounds when pressing the brake pedal.

  • Spongy or low feel when braking

If a brake pedal feels spongy or low, it means that one will have to put up more effort for applying brakes. It is a sign of a potential issue with the brake system of a vehicle and should be dealt with instantly. Without inspection of the situation, it will be quite dangerous to drive around such a car. Hence, simply opt for a bake repair service near Glen Alpine for a quick solution.

  • No resistance when pressing parking brakes

When applying a parking brake with hand or foot, a driver doesn’t feel any resistance. This might be a small issue that can be easily fixed by repairing or adjusting it accordingly. However, should be fixed quickly by professionals.

Therefore, if any of your vehicles show any of the aforementioned signs, you need to take it seriously and get an appointment to get a consultation from professionals. Always remember to keep the brakes of your car in pristine condition, so that you can drive around safely as well as keeping your passengers safe.

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