Essential Emergency Equipment For Your Car


It is well known that the best way to deal with emergencies is to be prepared for them beforehand. You never know when or where you might find yourself in a sticky situation, but being prepared for it will certainly help you get out of it in one piece. The motto of always being prepared is a very handy one and something we usually tend to follow in our houses and offices. However, for some reason, we do not deem it necessary to be equally well-prepared when travelling in our vehicles. We have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers installed in our residences and workplaces, but do not give a second though to putting any emergency equipment in our cars. It cannot be denied that every time you get into your car, there is a slim chance that you could be involved in an accident or collision. No matter how slim the chances, it is still better to be prepared that to be sorry later on. Here are some of the most essential items that should be in your car at all times and come in very handy during an emergency:

Seat-belt cutter and window breaker

This little handy device has proven its worth repeatedly by saving numerous lives over the years. Yet, it does not find itself equipped in every vehicle. In case of a really bad accident, you need to get out of your car as soon as possible. Your progress may be impeded by a jammed seat-belt buckle or door handle. This is where the seat-belt cutter / window hammer combo tool proves its worth. The seat belt cutter easily cuts through any seat belt in a commercial vehicle, thus saving you precious time that would be wasted trying to get yourself unbuckled. In a collision, it is not uncommon for the car doors to get jammed, either due to the force of the accident or the position in which the vehicle ends up resting. The best option at this point is to break and escape through the window. The window hammer can easily shatter the tempered glass used for making the side and rear windows of a car. Often used by firefighters, the seat-belt cutter / window hammer tool can be invaluable during an emergency.

First-aid kit

We keep well-stocked first-aid kits in our homes and offices, but never think twice about having one on the car. A first-aid kit has often been the difference between life and death and it is no different in case of any automotive emergency. Even having a simple bad-aid in the first-aid kit can prove to be crucial as it will prevent small wounds from getting infected. Along with band-aids, the kit must also contain gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors and an antiseptic wash.

Reflective jackets and markers

Changing a flat tire at night can be more dangerous than you think. Not only does the darkness hamper your visibility while changing the tire, it also makes it very hard for other drivers to see you at the side of the road. Many accidents have occurred where people with car issues have been hit while trying to waive down help. The drivers were often unable to see the victims until the very last moment. If your car breaks down at night, reflective jackets and markers prove to be very handy. Set up the reflective markers s that other drivers know where your vehicle is and do not plow into it. Similarly, wearing a reflective jacket will help drivers see you from afar whether you changing a flat or waving them down for assistance.

In case of an emergency, being prepared for it is winning half the battle. We owe to ourselves and our loved ones to ensure that we always have the necessary safety equipment around at all times, including when we are in our vehicles. The mentioned safety equipment should help you deal with any emergency that may come across when travelling in your car.

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