Features of Car-Net Infotainment System in Volkswagen Cars


As the world around us is moving ahead holding the hands of Information technology, the importance of staying connected with the world as well as the near and dear ones is felt by everyone. None of us can now think of staying disconnected since the mobile technology has reached our palms. But in the early years of mobile technology, this connectivity option and its necessity posed a new threat to the traffic scenario as people were not being able to adjust driving and using the phone simultaneously, and the mistakes they made, were fatal. As a result, the traffic ruled banned the usage of using mobiles while driving.

So, the automakers took a step forward to resolve this issue and today all the advanced automobile brands like Volkswagen are creating innovative and intuitive ways to make the vehicles connect to the world. The Volkswagen’s Car-Net infotainment interface is one such example.

The features of Volkswagen’s Car-Net infotainment interface and its capabilities were discussed out by the experts from the Volkswagen Moreno Valley and here is a glimpse of the information that we could gather from them:

The Volkswagen Car-Net App-Connect Features

The VW Car-Net App-Connect offers three functionalities that are most widely used. Its integration and compatibility with the Android Auto and the Apple CarPlay let the users access to the worldwide store of entertainment that are simultaneously updated through the latest information options, like:

  • Making and Receiving Phone Calls
  • Sending and Receiving SMS
  • Listening to your Favorite Music
  • Mapping and Navigating to Destinations with the help of Google Maps

All these options allow one to get to know and find the route to wherever they need to go, while it would keep playing the favorite songs all the while and let him communicate with his friends and family or interact with their professional circle without having to divert the attention from the road.

The Guide and Inform Features of VW Car-Net

The Car-Net has also integrated with some enhanced navigation features and that can be accessed by the Guide and Inform pack. The driver and other users of Volkswagen would be given exclusive access to the ‘up-to-the-minute’ reports on the traffic, sports scores and the SiriusXM Radio would let you connect to the plethora of radio channels and keep yourself entertained and informed as well.

The Security and Service Features

The infotainment systems are made to keep the vehicle safe from any possibility of damage. The Car-Net Security and Service features do it easily by locating the car in the parking zone, access the diagnostic reports, immediately make emergency calls and by locking the doors right with the help of the paired smartphone.

Winding Up

The Car-Net has an easy-to-use interface which is fully comprehensive with a sophisticated gamut that matches perfectly with the 21st century innovations meant for the vehicles. But without having a behind the wheel experience while test driving a VW model one cannot fathom the benefits of this system. A place like the Volkswagen dealership Moreno Valley, can help in selecting the right model that comes along with these features and show you how to make the most from this interface and all its functionalities.

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