Grab Attention with Vehicle Signage


One of the biggest problems facing traditional, stationary forms of advertising is the inherent limit imposed on audience exposure. If you place an ad on a billboard, for example, you’ll only ever broadcast your message to those driving on the road beneath, or pedestrians who happen to look up once in a while. Similarly, posters and traditional signage are limited to the physical space in which you’ve set them up. Most commuters drive the same route to work every day, and start to tune advertisements out once they’ve seen them once or twice already, which is the exact opposite of the effect you want to have on potential new customers.

This does not have to be the case. Many businesses feature employees who are constantly on the move, driving from place to place. Food delivery businesses, for example, employ delivery drivers who spend the entirety of their shifts driving from one place to another. Many tradespeople, particularly those in large metropolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, traverse massive distances to get from one job to another, and then have to drive their vans all the way home. There’s a way to combine these two facets of your business, and that’s with vehicle signage and advertisement.

Vehicle Signage

There are several ways for a business to advertise on the vehicle. In terms of cost effectiveness, vehicle signage beats out stationary advertising for businesses of all sizes, as the audience exposure is constantly changing and attractive. Even if you’re stuck in traffic on a gridlocked highway, you’ll be advertising your business to potential new customers who may never have heard of you before. A well-designed car wrap draws attention far more readily than a billboard or other form of stationary advertisement, and you stand to reap the rewards of this innovative advertising style.


Companies offering car wraps in Brisbane should use high-quality adhesive vinyl, and self-print to keep the costs low for their customers and clients. It’s important that the options available to you with whatever company you choose to use aren’t limited, so you can make sure that the advertising campaign you design with the vehicle signage professionals is the best it can be for your business’ specific needs.

Tailored Advertising

The best advertising campaigns are those that you can tailor to your needs. Every single business is unique in its own way, and it makes no sense for any advertising company to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to its clients. That’s why you need to use a vehicle signage or advertising company capable of offering bespoke services that will suit your business, your aesthetic and your transport practices. Whether you need one van designed as a moving advertisement, or for your fleet of mopeds to undergo a transformation into a zippy, eye-catching promotional tool for your business, the company should be able to cater to your needs. Tailoring your campaign to your audience and your business is an absolute must for any advertising service, and vehicle signage is no exception to the rule.

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