Signs You Have a Transmission Problem


In a car, transmissions are one of the most complex and least understood aspects of the car. Automatic transmissions are even less understood. In a nutshell, transmissions are the set of gears that connect the engine to the wheels. They transmit engine power to the wheels, hence the name. Automatic transmissions are made of a group of different kinds of clutch packs and packs of gears that are incredibly complex. Because of that complexity, a lot of different things can malfunction. Here are some of the signs that something is going wrong and you should head to a transmission shop.

Lagging and Lurching

If you step on your gas and you feel a lag before the car starts moving forward, you could have an issue. You may also feel a lag or hesitation when your car shifts from one gear to the next. You’ll feel this when you’re driving and when you speed up or slow down. The automatic transmission will attempt to shift gears, and if you’re having a problem, then it will do so very slowly. Professionals at a shop like D & K Auto Transmissions can help you identify the problem.

auto Transmission

Strange Noises

You might hear strange noises coming from your transmission. Grinding sounds are one of the most common. You’ll be able to identify these as transmission noises because you’ll hear them when your car shifts gears. Also, they’ll likely be accompanied by some kind of lagging or lurching as discussed before.

You can also check your transmission fluid by turning on your car and letting it idle. You should then locate the dipstick for the transmission fluid. Pull the stick out, wipe it clean, and reinsert it. Pull it out one more time and look at the fluid. You should look to be sure that the fluid is at the right height and also that it’s clear and not dark. If it’s low or if it’s dark, you might have a problem.

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