Hire a Car and Travel: Driving Tips When Visiting Australia


When you Hire a car and travel in Australia, you sign up for a great convenience compared to taking taxis and other forms of public transportation. Of course, you also make yourself responsible for both your safety and the vehicle’s. Driving in Australia is pretty safe, but you must take note of these driving tips.

Take breaks, gas up, and be safe during long travels. You will cover a lot of mileage when you hire a car and travel anywhere in Australia. You’ll be surprised at how wide and sprawling the area is compared to other countries you’ve visited before. For this reason, it is recommended that you drive and take breaks in between if you have to. However, gas up before you start on your destination. It is also advisable for you to bring snacks and beverages as your drive can be longer than you expected. Also pack up on emergency tools just in case you need them en route.

Keep yourself and your kids in proper restraints. Whether you hire a car and travel only within the city proper or out on the Outback with your family, you need to make sure that you are all in proper restraints. Australia is pretty strict when it comes to rules concerning road safety, so make sure you follow them closely. Keep age-appropriate restraints, or request them from your car rental company if they can have it for you. You might also want to check on seemingly “smaller” rules like the use of cell phones while driving. In Australia, you can use mobile phones even when the vehicle is stationary unless you are already parked.

Don’t even think about drinking and driving. One of the things you would not want to be get caught doing when you hire a car and travel in Australia is drinking and driving, or using or being in possession of any sort of drug. When you get caught, you can get your international license revokes. You might have to say goodbye to driving vehicles abroad if you get caught here.

Keep to your left and be mindful of road lines. If you see a single line on the road, then you are allowed to overtake the vehicle in front of you or to change lanes. If you see double lines on the road, then you need to stay where you are. Also make sure that you need to keep to your left when you are driving in Australia. The driver’s seat is on the right. Drive an automatic if this will help you focus better.

Be extra wary as road conditions can be unpredictable. Australia is known for extreme weathers, so be extra wary when you hire a car and travel. One minute, you might be conveniently cruising a sealed road, the next, you might be traveling in gravel and facing a cyclone. Just make sure you are choosing the right vehicle for these extreme weather conditions as well. If you plan to leave the comforts of the city and cross the Outback, for example, make sure you have an SUV in perfect condition, or something more suitable for off-road travel. Avoid travelling at night.

While driving, also make sure you are never apart from your travel and driving documents and licenses.

Hire a car and travel around Sydney. Be in control where you want to go, when you want to go and what you want to do.

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