Red Flags to Watch Out for when you Talk to a Car Rental Company


There are good deals when it comes to promos with your car rental company. However, there are also “hooks” which can trick the unknowing consumer. If you are renting a car for the first time, below are red flags you should watch out for.

They get pushy with their insurance. Some companies really push you to purchase car rental insurance form them. This should not be the case, however, because you should have the option to use your own car insurance if car rental is covered by your policy, or the secondary insurance offered by most credit card companies. Your car rental company can push you to purchase their insurance when they create small damages which could not possibly be covered by your own insurance company.

They pile up on “damage” costs even if they don’t incur real damage. Such “damages” are when you have an “extra” driver in your list, or when you extend your rental for a few hours and they list it as a “loss in income” because the car was not available for other clients. When they charge you for something which, in reality, did not really cost them money, it should already be a red flag for you that a certain car rental company is out to make the most money out of you as a client.

They are not flexible enough. There will always be small discrepancies in your rental, especially if you are flying in to Sydney as a tourist or businessman. There will always be small changes in your schedule. If a car rental company intends to charge you for an entire day even if you were only an hour late, then look for other companies. The one you are looking at might not be the best option.

They don’t give you the right size. When you ask for a full-sized vehicle and the contract says that the company can simply change this request and give you a medium sized car because it is the only one available, stay away. Companies are not legally bound to give you the model and color you request for in vehicles but they should in no way be allowed to give you a smaller vehicle. Seating capacity as well as cargo capacity should be considered. Ask your car rental company why other types or models of vehicles they will provide you with just in case the exact one you requested is not available on the day of your flight.

They have unexplained or strange charges. It is quite standard to ask for added fees when you ask for pick up or drop off in the airport, but if you are asking to be picked up or dropped off at any other location in Sydney and the location itself isn’t asking for any taxes or surcharges from the car rental company, then be suspicious.

Overpricing on gas. Rental companies top up the gas for you before you use their rentals, and they expect you to return the car again with a full tank of gas. Otherwise, they charge you per gallon for the amount of gas you failed to fill their cars with upon return. The cost per gallon in car rental companies is usually higher than the going rate, but the cost is around twice as much, you should be wary. The particular company will tend to over-penalize you.

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