How Often You Should Get Your Car Serviced


It’s hard for anybody to deny that our vehicles are our most important belonging, apart from our houses. Even with that said, if you lose your house but have a car, you’ll at least still have that as a form of shelter. In the end, your car can provide many things for you as long you keep it maintained. By providing regular maintenance for your vehicle, you can greatly extend its life and save your wallet from having to shell out extra cash for costly repairs. With that said, however, how often should you get your car serviced and maintained?

Suggested Frequency of Car Maintenance

Generally speaking, it’s suggested that you change your car’s oil and filter at least every three months, or once every 5,000 kilometres. There are other service repairs, however, that many people don’t talk about but are always tacked onto oil change services when you look for garage services in AL3. Every area of car maintenance has a different recommended frequency of maintenance and should be cared for carefully to ensure a consistently performing car free from any issues.

  • Air filters: every two years or 20,000 to 40,000 kilometres
  • Transmission fluid: every four years or more frequently at 40,000 to 60,000 kilometres.

Getting Your Car Serviced at a Garage

It’s important that you choose the right garage to service your car because frequent maintenance won’t do your vehicle any good if the people maintaining it don’t know what they’re doing. Always check a garage’s past customer reviews to see if they have a reputation for good services, and remember that a good deal doesn’t necessarily guarantee good results.

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