How to Find a Good Garage


Your car is going to malfunction at some point; that’s just the unfortunate reality of it. An automobile with an internal combustion engine is a machine that travels at high speed across uneven roads. The engine itself contains hundreds of explosions every minute. All those working parts and all that pressure demands a malfunction at some point. It’s inevitable. However, if you choose a good garage to handle your automobile problems, you can be back on the road in no time. There are a few ways to determine if a garage is worth your time.


Sadly, there are many garages that might advertise great service but not provide it. One way to determine if a garage is good is its number of certifications. For example, it should specialise in providing certain products and services. The garage should have certifications for them. If it provides Valvoline fluids, it should be a certified Valvoline centre. That means that the experts at Valvoline have approved the quality of work done at that garage and would affix their name to it. If you’re looking for high quality Dorchester garage services, look for certified garages.

Family Business

You should look for a family business as well. National and multinational chains might provide you multiple locations or slick facilities, but they are impersonal. If something goes wrong or if you need a specialised kind of service, you won’t be able to get it from a big chain. However, you can get personal service from a family business.

Look for one that has a few decades of experience. There are many garages that claim to be family owned and family run, but are low quality. If they have several decades of experience, they have been providing quality service for a long time, creating repeat customers, and building trust.

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