When to Take Your Car for an Engine Tune-Up

mechanic fixing car

Proper tuning is necessary in order to make sure that your car continues to drive smoothly. Ideally, your car needs to go in for a full engine tune-up at least once a year. If your car isn’t properly tuned, the fuel economy will suffer drastically. There are plenty of obvious signs that might indicate the need for a car tune-up. When you go for a tune-up, the mechanics will first remove the head and clean out all the plugs. Grime and grease tend to collect on the plugs, thus reducing the sparking capabilities and minimising electrical flow in the car. Needless to say, this has a huge impact on vehicle performance.

Sputtering or Jittering

If your car sputters or jitters every time you start it up, it might indicate the need for an engine tune-up. Workshops that offer Newbury car engine tuning and diagnostic services will dismantle the head and then clean out the throttle body. Carbon deposits on the throttle body can cause some serious problems in engine performance. If your car sputters or jitters whenever the engine is cold, you should take your car for a tune-up.

Throttling Issues

Do you think that your car is not performing up to the mark every time you push the accelerator all the way down? Throttling issues generally occur when your engine isn’t properly tuned. It’s important to take your car for a tune-up if your engine isn’t performing up to its maximum capability. There might be an issue with the fuel injectors in the car (since they need to be cleaned). This is more common in cars that use conventional gasoline. You should consider using hi-octane fuel in the car in order to prolong the life of the car and improve engine performance as well.

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