How to Have Access to Top Quality Car Repairs and Maintenance in Australia


Australians have a wide range of specialised services when it comes to vehicles of all kinds – from small independent shops to services offered by large dealership. The most frequent trouble is that of not making a good choice when in need. This costs one time and especially money. To avoid this, every Australian needs to know what to do in order to access the range of qualitative car services.

Identify what your vehicle issue is

You might be in need of accident repairs or faced with mechanical or electrical troubles. Sometimes, all your car requires is an affordable but highly customised maintenance service. Other vehicle owners are concerned with safety aspects and therefore want to have someone verify or install their car safety system, check the brakes and so on. In some cases, it’s simply a better vehicle that’s needed. In order to select the best service provider, you must have a clear image of what you require or where the problem lies.

Access a network of true specialists

What you need is specialist repairers and dedicated high quality maintenance services for a specific brand or type. The A Grade Automotive Network groups automotive businesses that work independently and provide top rated services. You can trust AGAN as a leader in the automotive industry. AGAN is a group which gathers only businesses with a real concern for quality, bound by contract and with a Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce or VACC certificate.

AGAN participants are thus worthy of consumers’ trust. The quality of services is maintained through regular audits. The providers meeting the standard also offer loan vehicles, ensure pickup within the given region, as well as other similar services.

The user friendly website lets vehicle owners use a very simple and effective search form and look for the service they are interested in, also mentioning the region of interest (their location). Users may search for their closest member thanks to the interactive online map. By typing in their location, the application will show their region with every participating member dotted on the map. Looking at this map will reveal a wealth of the network’s participants.

Access to VACC services

VACC, offers a whole series of essential services to vehicle owners, such as repairs and maintenance, but also caters to car sales. Not only that it commits to excellent service, but it also offers discounts and other benefits, including tips and advice for motorists and a handy job finder for those who want to get involved in the industry. The retail sector is well represented within the VACC, as well as repair services for various vehicle types and makes and with highly specialised equipment.

Avoiding car repair scams

If you’re not looking AGAN businesses listed, then you can easily be the victim of scammers. The most frequent scam is that of ‘repairing’ parts that were not damaged and replacing components that weren’t broken. Over-servicing is a frequent phenomenon and only close monitoring of car repairs and maintenance services can control it. In addition, quotes may be misleading. Those who own recent date cars with brand new complex technologies often have to spend much more. Going for the very attractive lowest quote may get one nowhere, since it’s unlikely the service costs so little or that the company has the needed equipment.

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