How to Hire a Valet Parking Service for Your Event


When hosting a professional event or an event where your brand, business or personal image is of primary concern; a valet parking service works to your advantage. One great advantage of hiring a valet service is your guests don’t have to spend time looking for parking. Additionally, guests don’t need to walk far to get to the main event. A little due diligence will go a long way in helping you hire the right service.

Ask For a Site Visit

A professional St. Louis valet parking company likely volunteers for a site visit even before you ask. This visit is essential in ensuring that the company and valets understand your event’s needs and logistics. Additionally, a company that offers free site visits is an added advantage. In case the company has prior experience working at your event’s location, a site visit may not be necessary.

Get Referrals

Although visiting the company’s website and calling are great ways to get a sense of the services to expect, word of mouth is a much more reliable source of information. Find previous clients and ask about the quality of services they received. A reliable referral should come from a client who hosted a similar event or at a similar location and was happy with the services rendered.

Get a Fully Insured Company

Where cars are involved, accidents are always a possibility. Although well trained and experienced valets significantly reduce this risk, there is no guarantee that an accident won’t happen. You need to ensure that you and your guests are protected from liability in the unfortunate event an accident occurs. A great valet company is one with an umbrella insurance policy with a high limit to cater for even the most expensive or exotic car.

Reliable Estimate

Insist on a written estimate before the event to protect you from misunderstandings and potential problems. A good estimate should include the cost of the service, the number of valets you should expect and when they will arrive. Some valet companies charge a standard fee or bill by the hour so ensure that this is reflected in the estimate. A clear estimate helps to avoid overpaying or hidden costs and can help in case of a disagreement requiring litigation.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Avoid using the cost of the service as the main deciding factor between two valet companies. The cheaper service might be cutting corners or unable to provide the quality of service you need for a successful event. Try to tow the line between fair pricing and quality service. Value for money is far more important than cheap.


A professional valet service might be the icing on the cake you need to enhance your personal or business image at an event you are hosting. Use these tips to find a professional valet parking company and enjoy peace of mind that your guests and their vehicles are well taken care.

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