Important Rules and Regulations While Importing Japanese Used Cars in Bangladesh


The popularity of Japanese used cars is increasing with every passing day. Japanese used cars have been famous all over the world for their reliability, comfort, and durability. Like every other country is making the most out of Japanese used, people in Bangladesh are considering it for the quality of product, that too at the low prices.

After a couple of research, it has come to consideration that Bangladesh is an important place for the export of Japanese vehicles. While importing, it is considered that the most of Japanese used vehicles that are imported to Bangladesh are right hand drive as they move on the left hand side of the road. Around 80% of the vehicles in Bangladesh are imported from Japan that includes jeeps, microbus, minibus, tractors, cars, old vehicles and more. Japanese car dealers export vehicles to Bangladesh by fulfilling the following conditions only:

  • Importing vehicle is not used more than four years.
  • The importation is being done from the country of origin.
  • The certificate about the age, model number, and chassis number of the used car must be submitted to customs authority.
  • The date is calculated from the very first day of the next year of manufacture of chassis. It is done for determining the age of imported cars.

Information on the Custom Duty Rates of Bangladesh

Any amount that you pay out in import taxes are subjected to change at any time. However, you can expect to pay around 20% for duties and 15% on VAT, when importing a private vehicle with an engine size of 1500cc to Bangladesh. In the meanwhile other applicable taxes may include an advance income tax, a supplemental duty, and a regular duty.

In the regard, it is always wise if you consult with your embassy and the auto support company about all these must-to-pay taxes before the transport. Make sure that you have already paid these taxes before the shipping process starts and also you have received the receipt. For gaining import approval, you need to provide this to customs as a proof.

Tips on Making the Best Purchase

While importing Japanese used cars to Bangladesh, the first and foremost things considered are making decision on the car model, the buyer’s driving habits, as well as the budget. After getting done with that, the next thing comes is looking around for a reliable seller; either online or offline. There are numerous sellers – from which you have to pick one that gives the best customer support. Plus, the specification and condition of the importing Japanese used car should be compared with the inspection sheet.

When the vehicle’s history is read carefully, it ensures that the car is mechanically and cosmetically well-maintained. You must take it as an advice that many online sellers doesn’t provide the vehicle’s history report. But if you are buying from a private dealer or sellers, you may ask them.


Since Bangladesh is a kind of university where people demand Japanese used cars on a massive scale. Hence, Japan has proved to be a great extraction for importing the second hand vehicles on the land of Bangladesh. The country considers these Japanese used cars reliable and dependable because of the appreciable quality. Not only that, but also these vehicles come with an improved condition making the Japanese used cars a widespread in the automotive industry of Bangladesh.

If you have plans to import Used Japanese cars in Bangladesh, look for a reliable sources that offers transparent channel for the vehicle to be delivered over to your destination and not charge any hidden payments which may cause problems to the clients in future.

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