Learn About Some Basic Safe Practices You Should Follow While Operating Farm Traction


To meet the high power requirement and output of present age agricultural enterprises, modern farm tractors prove to be highly significant. Based on advanced technology, these farm tractors provide a high level of power that helps to achieve increased output in accomplishing this objective.

These tractors are used for a wide range of services such as carrying mounted and semi-mounted devices, transportation of materials and equipment, pulling tillage equipment and as remote highly efficient power sources for other devices. As with any other machine, it is very important to use it safely.

In this article, we will look at some of the best and safe practice that you need to perform, while operating it.

General safety measures

To operate a farm tractor, you need to be mentally and physically fit. If you find yourself not in good health, then you should not operate the tractor. It may cause fatal accidents. Secondly, you need to be properly trained in operating the machine and about the safety measures built into the system.

One should read and understand the operator’s manual that comes along with the machine when you purchase it. If possible, review the manual with the actual tractor present in front of you could prove to be very beneficial. Thoroughly understand the operating features of a tractor so that it will equip you with the techniques when the tractor meets adverse conditions.

Understand the working and use of various parts such as gauge, controls, indicators that would enable you to use them quickly in an emergency situation. Also, study about the decals mentioned on the machine. Some of these decals are danger, caution, warning.

Use tractor as per the recommendations

The tractor should be used as per the recommendations as stated by the manufacturer. Using tractor for purposes or operational features other than the intended ones can lead to dangerous consequences.

For example, driving a tractor at higher speeds, etc. could lead to serious issues. Repairloader.com is a company that offers a superior level of repair and service manuals for industrial and heavy duty agricultural vehicles such as tractors, excavators, loaders, utility vehicles and forklifts.

Evaluate the condition of tractor prior to using it

Checking that the tractor is in the best working state before operating it, would ensure safe operation of the tractor. This can be accomplished by various ways:

  • Make sure your tires do not have any holes and are properly inflated
  • Windows, front and rear view mirrors should be clear to provide the best visibility,
  • Adjust the seat position and check the condition of seat belts. Make sure you tighten your seatbelts before driving it
  • Ensure that the brakes give you best control. Adjust your brakes well.
  • Ensure that the steering response are working properly
  • Make sure the engine has the right levels of fluids and oil levels.

Lack of proper use of farm tractor has been observed in resulting temporary or permanent disability or even loss of life. Thus to prevent any such mishappenings one should always ensure to use the tractor in the right way with full awareness.

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