Mercedes AMG CLS 63 S Coupe- An exception car of its class


You will be amazed to know about the range of cars that are being launched by the Mercedes brand in the recent times. The company has already tightened its belt to launch some of the best models in the near future, which will give a tough competition to the other car manufacturers.

Mercedes AMG CLS 63 S Coupe is a fantastic model that is to be launched in the near future. The enticing look along with the non dying spirit of the car’s engine will make you think twice. The car is boasted with a heavy duty engine that churns out more power as compared to other cars.

You will be shocked to notice the high range of power generated from the engine of Mercedes AMG CLS 63 S Coupe.  The engine of the car is fitted with V8 Biturbo feature that will help to generate a good amount of power of around 577 hp.

The car can also reach the speed of 100km/hr in around 3.5 sec. This is quite interesting and mind blowing feature of the car as other cars cannot provide such kind of top notch performance.  While on move, the 18 AMG rims add more beauty to the car.


The performance level of the car is well maintained with the presence of the handcrafted engine of 5.5L capacity.  There is an option of ECO stop or start system integrated in the car.

It is also fitted with the 4MATIC wheel drive option that will provide proper driving experience. The sport suspension system of the car also provides better ride control on the car.

The performance of the car is further enhanced by the presence of the high performing braking system.  With the wider track and the front axle, the car can properly balance and provide better performance.

The 7 speed transmission system of the car is of great use and guarantees of superb driving experience.

Inner look

Mercedes lovers will feel crazy about the inner decoration of the Mercedes AMG CLS 63 S Coupe. The aluminum shift paddles along with E-select drive unit are the major attraction.

ESP program is enabled to increase the stability of the car during high speed. The seats and the dashboard are properly managed with some of the best accessories. The comfort of the seats will feel like the lap of the Mother Nature.

The extra ordinary safety options, performance factor, stability, exterior look and inner environment will definitely make car lovers think about the all new Mercedes AMG CLS 63 S Coupe.


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