Making Sure You Have the Right Car Battery

Auto mechanic replacing car battery

Have you ever considered just how much we use our cars? If you had to go an entire month without your car, how would you fare? It’s amazing that since the car’s widespread introduction in the early 20th century that they are now the primary form of transport on the planet. In fact, we use them so often that manufacturers are even looking at new ways to make them more fuel and energy efficient so as to cut down on pollution.

Of course, getting around in these cars requires battery power. It may come as a surprise to many to know that the basic lead acid battery is over a century old now. This is essentially the same battery that powers most of our cars on the road. The problem is that our power requirements have increased substantially even in the last decade. We now have to recharge phones, power DVD players, and power stereos. The humble car battery handles all of these tasks even though the basic technology behind it is over a century old now.

The Right Kind of Battery

Even though the basic lead acid battery is old technology, this is not the entire story of the car battery. If you want to find the right car battery for your car, you will likely have done some research and discovered that there is quite a wide range of companies making batteries. The truth is that some car batteries are simply better than others and will last longer.

It’s okay to be a little daunted by all of the car battery brands available, but it also might be time to call a specialist battery shop. Employees there will specialise in batteries of all kinds for cars and will be able to tell you with authority the best brand to suit your needs and your budget.

Taking Care of Your Car Battery

Whichever vehicle battery you have decided on, there are a few things you can do to extend its life and ensure that it delivers the kind of power that you need. Consider the following advice:

  • Corrosion: It is a certainty that all car and vehicle batteries will build up corrosive crusts on both the cables and the terminals. It is possible to clean the terminals and the wires with baking soda, water, and a wire brush. During this process, it is important to wear non-conducting gloves and disconnect the cables, starting with the negative one first.
  • Damage: Check your battery for any leaks or cracks. If you find any, it is important to have it replaced immediately.
  • Removal: If you go for long periods without driving your vehicle, you might want to consider removing the battery and putting it in storage. This way, it won’t be losing charge and will last longer. Some people invest in what are called battery maintainers, which do a good job of extending battery life when they are not in use.

Finding the right kind of battery for your vehicle and your needs is as simple as getting in touch with a shop that specialises in all kinds of batteries.


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