How to look after your car


Have you finally left your parent’s home and moved into a place of your own? Chances are that you have a car of your own. If you do, then you know how much time and effort you must put into ensuring your vehicle not only looks its best but also performs well.

There are certain things you must do on a regular basis to avoid any sudden mishaps or avoid things are car glass repair if they are not needed.

  • Clean the windshield: a dirty windshield can be a dangerous hazard. It’s not something that should be ignored or taken lightly. This is especially important after a huge storm or if you have been driving on muddy dirt splattered roads which as result spray your windscreen with filth. You can use your car wipers but if they are a lot of solid particles, its best to hose off with warm water and soap to make sure you clean everything well.
  • Check your tires: your tires carry the weight of the car, of yourself and any other passenger in the car so they are a vital component of the car. Check them on a regular basis to be sure that they are properly inflated and don’t have any damages from a nail or any other sharp object. And always have a spare or two for emergencies. Make sure you know how to change a flat tire as well as it can be a useful thing to learn.
  • Change your oil regularly: the car’s motor oil is what powers your vehicle and keeps it running smoothly so it’s vital that you check and top the oil levels if and when needed. The oil helps to keep the car’s parts lubricated so they don’t rub against each other and damage themselves. The oil also ensures your car doesn’t get over heated and burst into flames so this is something you need to really get into the habit of doing regularly.
  • Wash your car regularly: We use our car on a regular basis to get to and from places so it’s only fair that we give it the love and care that it deserves to function in optimum condition at all times. Washing your car regularly is a no brainer really. It is exposed to so many elements like sun, grease, dust, dirt, insects and even harmful chemicals. Washing your car on a regular basis not only keeps it clean but also ensures nothing stains the outer coating and damages the exterior which might result in more expensive repairs.

Follow the above maintenance tips and suggestions to ensure you take care of your car and keep it working in top condition so you can use it without any unexpected dramas or spend money on expensive procedures. By taking scheduling regular visits to the mechanic you end up saving a lot of money in the long run and it will also mean you get the most of your car. After all a car, like other luxuries needs to be given proper love and care to run smoothly and do its job.


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