Save on Maintenance Costs by Hiring a Car for Your Trip

Happy Family Driving in a Convertible

If you wish to save on the costs of maintenance on your own car, then make sure you don’t drive it when you take a holiday. By hiring a car, you can save on repairs as you will not add extra mileage to the vehicle you regularly drive.

Halve the Costs for a Car Hire: Make A Careful Selection

You can also halve hire costs in a matter of minutes by avoiding the use of taxis to and from an airport location. Before you choose a vehicle, however, define your needs and requirements. Typically, vehicle companies offer a mass of add-ons. So, before you book, think about what you will need and then ditch the rest of the amenities. You especially need to use this approach when selecting a fuel policy.

Compare The Quotes

Take your time and compare the quotes. Check for additional discounts when you make your review. You also want to purchase the cheapest excess insurance. If you are travelling with friends or family, hire a Mercedes V Class if you need more room on your trip. This type of vehicle also comes with safety features that will make driving a more secure experience. Remember, the earlier you book a car hire, the more you typically can save.

Check the Tyre Pressure

Also, when driving your vehicle, make sure you check the tyre pressure. By keeping the tyres inflated, you can save on fuel efficiency by as much as three percent. Reduced tyre pressure increases vehicle drag, which also causes you to fuel up more frequently. Therefore, make sure the pressures are correct whilst on a road trip.

Get Rid of the Excess Weight

If you don’t load the vehicle down with baggage, you can also improve fuel efficiency by as much as two percent. That is because you do not have to exert as much effort when you accelerate. So, declutter your boot of any unnecessary travel items and ditch the excess weight.

Don’t Choose a Model with a Roof Rack

When hiring a car, avoid the models with roof racks. The rack adds a large amount of wind resistance, which also increases the drag and makes the engine work harder.

Turn Off the AC

Also, if you turn off the AC when you are going slower, you will improve fuel efficiency by as much as ten percent. Air conditioning uses a great deal of fuel. However, at higher speeds, it is better to use the air conditioner and keep the windows up as speed also increases drag.

Don’t Fill Up the Tank

When you do buy petrol, don’t fill up and you will gain additional fuel efficiency of up to one percent. Fuel is heavy. So, if you fill up, you are adding weight. Therefore, when a car holds less fuel, driving is easier. Filling up more frequently and putting less in the tank will add to your fuel and driving efficiency.

Don’t Smoke

One additional warning and tip: if you smoke, be careful about smoking with anyone under 18 years of age. As of October 2015, any motorist or passenger in England or Wales can face a fine of £50 if he or she is caught smoking with someone underage in the vehicle. This simple caveat is quite apart from the fact that smoking is also extremely unhealthy and costly. The Scottish legislature has also passed a similar law that imposes a larger fine.


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