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A maintenance requirement that is vital for any vehicle’s adequate functioning is auto glass repair. It prevents full blown cracks by blocking stone chips from spreading. For auto glass repair, Toronto vehicle owners need to check their windshield glass on a monthly basis, paying attention to the spots that go unnoticed. Special attention should be paid when your glass is hit with road debris or falling snow/ice. If you detect a crack or a chip, no matter how tiny, get in touch with National Auto Glass.

Windshield Replacement Toronto

Providing superior quality services to vehicles of all types and makes, we will always try to come up with ways in which we can repair your windshield glass. If the damage is beyond redemption, only then do we advise you to go in for glass replacement. This helps you save valuable money as well as time.

Making sure you get your vehicle’s glass repaired by our skilled technicians will prove to be a good decision as they have the required knowledge, expertise, and tools and equipment to fix and repair all your vehicle windshield worries. We are proud to inform you that National Auto Glass is renowned for providing the best windshield replacement Toronto has ever witnessed.

Committing ourselves to the environment, we make use of non-toxic substances as cleaners and we do not use low quality Urethane. Thus we help to safeguard you and your family from any out of the blue car calamities.

For all windshield replacements, door glass/auto glass repair and back auto glass replacements, we only utilize OEM certified glass. This leaves you at peace knowing that a trusted brand that fulfills safety standards is in use at all times.

The most common types of auto glass repair Toronto vehicle owners face include:

  • Star Stone Chip: This is the most common auto glass repair. The chip should not be longer than one inch. Repairing it depends on how cracked it is on the inside.
  • Bullseye Stone Chip: It is the second most common reason for auto glass repair. It does not spread easily and is effortless to fix.
  • Combined Stone Chip: It is a rare occurrence and may not look as good on the outside after a repair.
  • Crack Stone Chip: Another rare type of chip that is risky to drill and fill. The cracks can spread easily and so a windshield replacement is almost always needed.

Auto Glass Replacement Problems Fixed in a Jiffy

The reason why opting for us is always the smarter choice is because we provide the following:

  • We get in touch with your insurance company so that your insurance claims are handled with ease.
  • All our services are backed by a warranty that ensures sustainability and longevity.
  • We are a cost effective company that values quality work and transparency.
  • Our auto glass installers have 24+ years of experience and therefore, adhere to all vehicle manufacturer standards.
  • Our live representative will always be willing to be of any assistance to you.

Contact National Auto Glass – Windshield replacement Toronto shop and see how we go that extra mile for all your auto glass repairs and replacements.

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