Passing Your MOT: What You Need to Look Out For


Many people tend to stress when it comes to taking their vehicle in for its MOT due to them not wanting to pay out a lot of money if it doesn’t pass. Is it that time of the year where your MOT is coming up? Scared it is not going to pass? Well there are some tips and things to check before you take your vehicle to your MOT to ensure that it gets the pass.

Check Some of These Important Things:

  • First things first, you need to ensure that all your lights are working and that they’re bright enough. So what kind of lights do you need to check? Well we advise you check your sidelights, indicators, brake lights, reversing lights and headlights.
  • Check all your tyres, when checking tyres we always advise people to check their manual book for what the correct tyre pressure should be. Not only this but the tyre should have a 1.6mm tread – without these things it is likely that your MOT won’t pass.
  • Is your vehicle making a noise when it runs? If this is so then we strongly advise getting it looked at prior the MOT because there might be something wrong with the exhaust system for example.
  • Ensure that there is enough brake fluid and there is no air trapped, you can normally tell if there is something wrong with your brakes when you press down and it feels spongy.
  • Not only should you check the levels of the brake fluid but also ensure that your oil levels aren’t too low – you can simply check this by pulling the dipstick out of the engine wipe it, place back in, pull it out and see where the oil level is.
  • Make sure that your handbrake holds on a hill without holding a hill the MOT won’t pass.
  • Always make sure that your windscreen wipers and washer works efficiently and runs smoothly without it making a noise or causing any scratching or damage to your window. Windscreen wipers are cheap to change therefore ensure a pass at the MOT.
  • Check on your fuel hoses, these are located under the bonnet of your vehicle and are essential to any vehicle. If you’re unaware of what these are then we advise people to see a mechanic prior the MOT and or visit to see what they have to say.
  • What many people don’t think about when checking their vehicle before their MOT is their car horn – this need to make a good, loud noise.
  • When driving take notice of your steering, and what I mean by this is see if it pulls to one side, this could tell you that your steering isn’t right and needs fixing.
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